Throughout the world, natural medicine was an integral part of civilization. Whatever the outcome, its main purpose was to heal and bring relief to the patient. Many of the methods of alternative medicine have survived to our time, but the medical community approaches its activities with a high dose of cynicism and disapproval, as in the case of CBD.

Let’s find out why this is happening and is it right ?

Natural medicine mainly promotes prevention, which is to prevent the occurrence of the disease, and also based on manual therapy, herbal medicine (Phytotherapy) and diet, which are to heal both the body and the mind.

The reason why the medical community is not enthusiastic about this type of therapy is the fact that many of them do not have scientific support, that is, there are no adequate studies, or a very small number of them, confirming the effectiveness of the therapeutic method or the substance used for this. Often we can meet with the opinion among doctors that alternative medicine will not only not bring results, but can also harm the patient.

Where is the truth? It is safe to say that both sides are right. Before we introduce them, let’s see what elements of alternative medicine we distinguish. Let's find out why this is happening and is it right

  • Acupressure – squeezing specific areas of the body in order to get rid of the disease or bring relief,
  • Acupuncture – inserting thin needles into the patient’s body,
  • Aromatherapy – “treatment” of the patient through the use of essential oils,
  • Homeopathy – the use of aqueous solutions and Substances of mineral or vegetable origin,
  • Iridology-determination of the patient’s condition by Iris analysis,
  • Colonotherapy-a method that uses color therapy,
  • Radiesthesia – a method in which the therapist is a pendulum,
  • Lithotherapy-therapeutic use of minerals.

Of course, there are a lot of alternative methods of treatment. They are divided into groups, subgroups, and there may be “variations” that combine everything at once. However, we focused on the most famous ones. We mentioned that alternative medicine is not accepted by the medical community. However, there are some exceptions, in which, in addition to academic medicine, the doctor may recommend the use of natural treatment, for example, by drying CBD and taking it can fully support its therapeutic properties. How is that possible?

Natural medicine “supported” by academic

There is an African proverb: “even a poisonous root can heal.” It means that despite some negative properties, even poison in skillful hands will become an antidote. It’s the same with unconventional medicine. Some of its components, although not confirmed by a wide range of studies and studies, are considered harmless and supportive.

An example are various types of massages and herbal medicine. We agree with the fact that inept massage can lead to serious damage to health, disability or other ailments, as well as treatment with herbs, which can put the body on its feet and strengthen it, or instantly weaken and poison. Everything also depends on the quantity, frequency and disease that we want to get rid of.

Academic medicine draws its foundations from the natural-many herbs were precursors for pharmacological drugs, just as many medical treatments were the evolution of methods today called alternative. Doctors who know the causes and effects of a given disease can recommend therapeutic support in the form of specific herbs, oils or extracts, of course, with uniform pharmacological treatment.