CAMbrella – Communique Platform on subjects associated with Complementary and Selection Medication (CAM) in Europe

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ECPM is a federation of scientific scientific docs’ associations and national scientific docs’ federations or associations, counting more than 50,000 contributors coaching CAM – all in EU member states. The 45 scientific associations embrace e.g. homeopathy, anthroposophic drugs, acupuncture and ayurvedic drugs. The aim of ECPM is to market it plurality in drugs at a Eu level and to paintings at the respectable reputation of CAM at an EU level along with throughout the completely other member states of the EU.

In an effort to make pluralism grow to be a reality, ECPM works to score the following objectives:

To market it freedom of scientific apply and victims’ unfastened variety. To be sure that Eu felony tips and regulations along with the felony tips and regulations of the EU member states will guarantee freedom of scientific apply and victims’ unfastened variety. To talk with EU politicians and representatives of neatly being government and companies at international level on such problems. To make certain that medicinal products prescribed via CAM providers may also be discovered on the market. To participate in adequate research of CAM scientific practices and of the healing prime quality and effectiveness of CAM medicinal products. To market it prime quality coaching and training for CAM practitioners. To provide practitioners and victims with the information they would like with the intention to make well an expert picks. More and more scientific docs all over Europe attend CAM scientific training methods (in large part provided via non-public institutions) because of they in point of fact really feel the need to extend their ’art work of healing’ and are glad that the nature of mankind extends some distance previous its mere biomolecular life. “It is wanted that victims can freely make a choice treatments. On account of this we take into accout it essential that CAM modalities have respectable reputation within EU Reputable forms. In this connection, let us recall that the proposed Directive on ’the status of non-conventional drugs in Europe’, voted in 1997 via the Eu Parliament in Brussels, required the Eu Price (Paul Lannoye Record) to move rules in this matter.” ECPM states its regulations at the organisations’ internet web site. Text: Jesper Odde Madsen Provide: ECPM

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