CAMbrella – Verbal exchange Platform on subjects associated with Complementary and Choice Drugs (CAM) in Europe

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A registration device for CAM practitioners – on the other hand only a susceptible connection between CAM and most people neatly being device.

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CAMbrella is going west

CAMbrella used to be discussed with an international audience at a congress in Portland, Oregon

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Chiropractic – from CAM to conventional neatly being care

Chiropractic in Italy is an example of ways CAM modalities can get acceptance from clinical neatly being government.

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Smartly being debate can benefit from CAM issues

The Ecu Public Smartly being Alliance, EPHA, must make the most of the “CAM input” throughout the Ecu neatly being debate at huge.

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ECIM congress in Florence, September 21-22, 2012

The 5th Ecu Congress for Intergrative Medication – ECIM – will occur in Italy this one year. The instance objectives at physicians, healthcare and wellness pros, researchers, and sponsors to appear carefully into the efficacy of complementary/unconventional medications and practices and their integration with orthodox medicine.

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