CAMbrella – Conversation Platform on subjects associated with Complementary and Choice Drugs (CAM) in Europe

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Integrative Drugs & Smartly being 2012, Portland, Oregon

The Jerusalem International Conference on Integrative Drugs

7th Framework Programme (FP7)

Complementary and Other Drugs for Maximum cancers, CAMcancer

ISCMR – International Society of Complementary and Other Drugs Research

ACHRN – Other and Complementary Smartly being Research Group, UK

NCCAM – National Centre for Complementary and Other Drugs – Nantional Institute of Smartly being, USA

ABIHM (American Board of Integrative Holistic Drugs, Duluth, Minnesota, USA) CAHCIM (Consortium of Instructional Smartly being Amenities for Integrative Drugs – Janet Polli, Faculty of Minnesota, Minneapolis, USA) CHAMP (Charité Ambulanz für Prävention und Integrative Medizin, Berlin – Prof. Dr. Stefan N. Willich) (German) EICCAM – Ecu Data Center on Complementary and Other Drugs (English, German, Spanish) EITAM – Ecu Initiative for Typical Asian Drugs Complementary and Integrated Drugs Research Unit (Faculty of Southampton, UK) (English) GAMED – Wiener Internationale Akademie für Ganzheitsmedizin (German) ICCR – International Collaboration for Complementary Treatment Assets. Universität Witten-Herdecke IN-CAM – Canadian Interdisciplinary Group for CAM Research KIKOM – Kollegiale Instanz für Komplementärmedizin, Universität Bern, Switzerland. (German, English) KUFAB -Interdisciplinary CAM research workforce – Faculty Kopenhagen, Denmark NAFKAM – National Research Center in Complementary and Other Drugs, Faculty Tromsö, Norway