CAMbrella – Verbal exchange Platform on subjects associated with Complementary and Choice Drugs (CAM) in Europe

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CAMbrella CAMbrella is a Eu research group for complementary and other medication (CAM) that carried out a research program into the situation of CAM in Europe between 2010 and 2012. The gang consisted of 16 significant other institutions from 12 Eu countries. The CAMbrella endeavor focussed on educational research into, then again no longer the advocacy for any CAM treatment. The gang has been established beneath the 7th Framework Programme. Between January 2010 and December 2012 the CAMbrella consortium has been in need of into the existing status of CAM in Europe from completely other angles: Terminology – what are we able to indicate when we talk about CAM? The citizens point of view – their desires and expectancies in route of CAM The victims point of view – incidence of CAM use, which smartly being instances is it used for? The providers´ point of view – beneath which instances do other people apply CAM and provide CAM products? Legislation and licensed status of CAM in Europe The global point of view – what do experts from the USA, Asia and Australia think about CAM in Europe? – neccessities, reviews and pitfalls These types of viewpoints have come jointly in a suite of tips to the Eu Charge, The Eu Parliament, national protection makers and civil society stakeholders: The roadmap for Eu CAM research. This internet website provides the results of CAMbrella. Please browse and get a professional regarding the endeavor´s results. You will discover without equal reviews throughout the forms section.

Details about Eu CAM research and networking may well be found out on the net website of the International CAM research Society – ISCMR

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