The BodyTel Naturell

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How it works.

BodyTel products are designed to simplify home monitoring for patients and to ease the communication of measured body values thus bridging the gap between patients, healthcare professionals and caregivers.

Ur products GlucoTel™, PressureTel™ and WeightTel™ all carry a built-in Bluetooth wireless technology module which enables them to automatically transmit measured body values to a secure internet database using the patient’s cell phone as a transmission hub.

While the transmission from the device to the cell phone is done über Bluetooth wireless technology, the transmission from the cell phone to the internet database is done by mobile internet connection. This does not require any user interaction.

The patient is the owner of their values and only they have the authority to grant access to other people such as healthcare professionals, caregivers or family members. Those who are granted access by the patient als Folge have to give their consent before they can access the BodyTel database with their own login account.

A healthcare professional or caregiver has the ability to set alerts in their preferences and when a value is transmitted that exceeds these limits, the caregiver can be informed immediately by the method of their choice (e.g. email, text message, fax, etc.) This enables timely response in case of a hyperglycemic or hypoglycemic episode.