CAM in Spain

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Most CAM practitioners in Spain do not have a degree in health sciences, and there is no specific regulation regarding CAM health care. Health policy varies a lot between the Spanish regions, and Andalucía is the Spanish region with the highest number of CAM centres.

CAMbrella’s first year – The coordinator’s perspective

CAMbrella has been running for the first of its three years. The turn of the year gives a good opportunity to look back at this first period and the achievements the consortium was able to accomplish. The coordinator gives an encouraging report.

ECHAMP – a CAM stakeholder

A non-profit organisation formed by manufacturers of homeopathic and anthroposophic products, advocating the rights of patients and consumers – with more than 50 full members from 18 countries

In each newsletter we are presenting a stakeholder – an organisation which in one way or the other is important to CAMbrella.

Europe 2020: the new “Innovation Union” Initiative

In a recent strategic paper the European Commission sets goals for an innovation process of the Union until 2020. It defines innovation as change that speeds up and improves the way we conceive, develop, produce and access new products, industrial processes and services – this will give ample opportunity for health related CAM projects.

Needs and Attitudes of Citizens – CAMbrella Work Package 3

Access, information and quality of care are the keywords regarding the needs of EU citizens. But almost no research data are available on their needs and attitudes with regard to CAM, and further studies are necessary.

Looking for stakeholders

CAMbrella is concerned with the collection of views and positions towards CAM and the tasks for future research from different societal angles and standpoints. Several working groups have as their task the identification of and the communication with potential and actual stakeholders.


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