MAKA root

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Solution for hormonal balance in women and men and much moreMAKA root as a solution for hormonal balance in women and men and much more By Health Aid Articles trouble root, libido, fertility, potency 0 CommentsThe natives of the Andes have consumed MAKA root for centuries using this natural superfood as a natural remedy for various ailments. Although considered an important ingredient in the diet of Andean people, Western researchers have just begun to discover this ancient herb and the many benefits of using it for women.

Sexual health, improving fertility and mitigating the effects of menopause are just some of the benefits that this medicinal herb offers.Normalize menopausal symptomsMAKA root is often used to balance hormones and research shows that nutritional density and phytochemical content are responsible for this effect. Regular use has helped alleviate various symptoms such as night sweats, restless sleep and depression.Improving sex driveSexual dysfunction in women depends on several factors including age, lifestyle and health status.

Although conventional medicine has developed pharmaceutical drugs to combat these problems, these products still have many side effects.One study found that MAKA supplements helped eliminate sexual dysfunction in women taking antidepressants. Women in this study showed tremendous results by consuming 3 grams of MAKA powder daily.FertilityInfertility is becoming more common in both men and women, so it is no surprise that more and more people are using natural alternatives to improve fertility.

So far there have been studies on the effect of MAKA root on fertility in certain animals but the results of these studies are very promising and confirm the traditional use of MAKA to enhance fertility, especially in women and its ability to enhance the secretion of serum luteinizing hormone which is closely related. with fertility.Energy sourceMAKA root is rich in vitamins, minerals, fatty acids and protein. I naturally support these nutrientsenergy levels and help with injury recovery.

Numerous studies have assessed the impact of consuming pain on athletes’ athletic performance, but even if you are not an athlete, including MAKA root in your daily diet is a great way to restore playfulness to your pace.The ideal concentration of organically grown, highest quality MAKA root extract can be found in the MACA tablets of Health Aid Macedonia.


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