Advantages and disadvantages of herbal medicine

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Each method of treatment, even the conventional one, has its strengths and weaknesses. It is no different in the case of herbal medicine, the advantages and disadvantages of which should be carefully considered. Above all, herbal therapy is relatively cheap and readily available. It is easy to grow, harvest and process them.

Besides, if they are well dried, they will not deteriorate. We cannot say the same about drugs, for example, because they usually have quite short expiry dates.Another of the benefits of herbalism is that herbs grow under a wide variety of conditions. Thanks to this, this method is available to people from all over the world. Besides, herbs are very effective for specific diseases and much cheaper than medications. When it comes to health issues – the use of herbs is not associated with any side effects.

Although it cannot be denied that herbalism has many important advantages, it also has some disadvantages. First of all, it is ineffective in the case of more serious diseases such as cancer. For many people, herbal therapy can be a bit difficult and strenuous because it requires high precision and accuracy. Processing, dosing or brewing can therefore be quite problematic for untrained people. In addition, we must be very careful when buying herbs.

The market is full of herbal stores, where you can find, unfortunately, products of unknown origin. In such cases, they can be a potential threat, so it is worth buying only in proven places.


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