Phytotherapy – do herbs really heal? Means of treatment with herbs

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Phytotherapy (herbal medicine) is a branch of natural medicine that relates to the treatment of diseases with herbs. Supporters of this method argue that taking herbs in various forms and using them externally helps in the treatment of many diseases, while, according to opponents, herbs do not heal, and health can only be improved by medicinal products.

How is it really? What ailments is herbal medicine recommended for? We answer! Herbal preparations are readily available and cheap. Plants can be picked for free in the meadow or in the forest and prepared in any way. Not only are they of natural origin, but also have healing properties and a beneficial effect on the body.

Phytotherapy – what is it?

The term has two different meanings. According to the first, it is a branch of medicine and pharmacology dealing with learning about the properties of medicinal plants and the production of herbal medicines from natural or processed medicinal raw materials of herbs and their use in the prevention and treatment of diseases of various origins. There is also a second meaning that relates to the field of alternative medicine involving the treatment of various diseases with herbs.


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