What herbal raw materials are used in phytotherapy?

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The herbal raw material is defined as the part of the plant in which the concentration of active substances is highest. For some plants only one type of material is valuable, while for others two or more. The group of herbal raw materials includes:

  • onion – an underground shoot characterized by a shortened stem and strongly thickened scaly leaves at the base,
  • root – the underground part of the plant,
  • basket – inflorescence,
  • leaf – part of the plant where photosynthesis takes place,
  • pericarp – part of the fruit after removing the seeds,
  • herb – the entire green part of the plant, including the leaves, stem and other elements,
  • inflorescence – a cluster of single flowers on a stem,
  • bud – undeveloped shoot surrounded by protective scales,
  • bark – the tissue covering the branches of trees and shrubs,
  • and many others.


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