European Council of Doctors for Plurality in Medicine – ECPM

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ECPM is a federation of medical doctors’ associations and national doctors’ federations or associations, counting more than 50,000 members practicing CAM – all in EU member states.

The 45 medical associations include e.g. homeopathy, anthroposophic medicine, acupuncture and ayurvedic medicine. The aim of ECPM is to promote plurality in medicine at a European level and to work on the official recognition of CAM at an EU level as well as in the different member states of the EU.

In order to make pluralism become a reality, ECPM works to achieve the following objectives:

To promote freedom of medical practice and patients’ free choice.

To ensure that European laws and regulations as well as the laws and regulations of the EU member states will guarantee freedom of medical practice and patients’ free choice.

To communicate with EU politicians and representatives of health authorities and agencies at international level on such matters.

To make sure that medicinal products prescribed by CAM providers are available on the market.

To participate in adequate evaluation of CAM medical practices and of the therapeutic quality and effectiveness of CAM medicinal products.

To promote quality education and training for CAM practitioners.

To provide practitioners and patients with the information they need in order to make well informed choices.

More and more doctors throughout Europe attend CAM medical training courses (mostly provided by private institutions) because they feel the need to extend their ’art of healing’ and are convinced that the nature of mankind extends far beyond its mere biomolecular existence.

“It is necessary that patients can freely choose therapies. This is why we consider it essential that CAM modalities have official recognition within EU Official documents. In this connection, let us recall that the proposed Directive on ’the status of non-conventional medicine in Europe’, voted in 1997 by the European Parliament in Brussels, required the European Commission (Paul Lannoye Report) to pass legislation on this subject.” ECPM states its principles on the organisations’ website.


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