Benefits of consuming ashwagandha

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Numerous studies show the beneficial effects of Indian ginseng. The use of ashwagandha has numerous health benefits. Here are the top 10 benefits you will get from regularly using the sluggish welcome.

1. Indian ginseng supports the work of the nervous system

One of the key reasons why many people eagerly reach for Indian ginseng is its beneficial effect on the functioning of the nervous system, including the brain. Particular attention is paid to ashwagandha’s ability to enhance learning and concentration. For this reason, ashwagandha is used during periods of increased mental effort, such as during exams or during intense mental work.

2. Ashwagandha strengthens the immune system

Another benefit of using ashwagandha is strengthening the immune system. This is due to the high content of beneficial active substances, such as withanolides, glycovitanolides and vitanosides.

  • Vitanolides are chemical compounds that have antibacterial and anti-cancer properties. They help fight infections in the body.
  • Glycitanolides are adaptogenic, i.e. they help the body to adapt to unfavorable external conditions. They help soothe the negative effects of numerous external stressors.
  • Vitanosides are substances that enhance resistance to stress. At the same time, they increase the mental efficiency of the body.

3. Welcoming lethargy helps to lower blood cholesterol

Research confirms that ashwagandha helps lower low-density lipoprotein levels, or LDL cholesterol (commonly referred to as “bad cholesterol”). At the same time, it increases the level of HDL, i.e. high-density lipoproteins, the presence of which is considered important for health.


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