Ashwagandha helps to increase physical performance

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Indian ginseng has gained immense popularity among physically active people. Studies have shown that regular consumption of ashwagandha helps to increase muscle mass and strength. In turn, studies carried out with the participation of cyclists have shown that the use of a sluggish welcome helps to increase the body’s efficiency. The cyclists who took ashwagandha root extract twice a day for 8 weeks significantly increased their VO2 max. VO2 max is the body’s ability to absorb oxygen.

It is one of the most important indicators of physical efficiency. No wonder that athletes and people who train intensively are so eager to reach for ashwagandha root extract. It is a natural way to strengthen the body, increase physical performance and resistance to stress.

Indian ginseng helps in proper mental functioning

The studies confirmed the ability of ashwagandha to reduce tension and anxiety associated with excessive amounts of stress. The vitanosides in ashwaganda have been found to have antidepressant effects and help reduce anxiety. Regular use of ashwagandha extract helps especially people struggling with chronic stress.

Indian ginseng supports male fertility

It has been observed that in men who regularly consume Indian ginseng, sperm are much more active and more mobile, which translates into an increase in their ability to fertilize the egg.

Ashwagandha has an antioxidant effect

The active substances contained in ashwaganda have an antioxidant effect, thanks to which they can fight harmful free radicals and reduce the negative consequences of their activity. This is important because excess free radicals are harmful to your health. Free radicals are chemical compounds that damage the body’s cells, the genetic material they contain, and accelerate the aging process of the entire system. They lead to the formation of diseases and can even contribute to the appearance of cancer cells.

Welcoming lethargy reduces blood sugar levels

Another reason why you should consume sluggishness is its ability to lower the amount of sugar in your blood. What’s more, the use of ashwagandha extract allows you to reduce blood sugar levels not only in healthy people, but also in people with hyperglycemia. A study in people with type II diabetes showed that consuming ashwagandha for a month had a positive effect on blood sugar levels. Morning fasting glucose measurements were carried out, which showed a reduction in the amount of sugar in the blood in the subjects.


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