Unconventional methods of treatment

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acupressure / acupuncture – pressing / puncturing selected points of the body with special needles that correspond to specific internal organs, which is to stimulate the healing process,

aromatherapy – stimulation with fragrances using essential oils,

bioenergotherapy – healing by restoring homeostasis in the energy system (assuming its existence in the human body), based on the therapist’s properties,

chiropractic (chiropractic) – treatment of musculoskeletal dysfunctions, consisting in performing manual procedures in the area of ​​the spine,

homeopathy – therapy with repeatedly diluted substances that would normally cause the ailments to be treated,

iridology – examination of the iris of the eye to determine the condition of individual organs and diagnose their diseases,

lithotherapy – healing with the use of energy inherent in minerals,

orthopathy – is based on the belief that health is achieved through self-regulation of the body, and therefore prefers treatment methods such as fasting,

urinotherapy – treatment with the use of urine,

visualization – self-healing by programming the way of thinking,

herbal medicine – treatment with preparations of herbs and other plants.


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