Alternative medicine is not intended to supplement the effects of conventional medicine

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Studies have confirmed that plant and vitamin supplements help patients manage symptoms associated with cancer treatment and the disease itself. Massage, meditation, yoga, and hypnosis can also combat drug side effects and cancer symptoms. This research supports the use of alternative cancer treatments, but only as a complement to scientific medicine.By definition, cancer and alternative medicine are not a good mix. ; is intended to replace it.

 Doctors say alternative treatments can cure 90 percent of all cancers, but neither claim goes against scientific research. Patients who choose to replace scientifically effective treatments with treatments that are backed by poorly conducted research or inconsistent evidence risk worsening their cancer. Supplementing conventional cancer treatments and alternative medicine can help patients with prognosis and even manage symptoms, but replacing them is dangerous.

Conventional medicine is not entirely against natural therapies. An example of this is willow bark, a natural remedy that is better known as aspirin. When natural or alternative medicine is tested, successful treatment becomes a cure, not an alternative medicine. Cancer and alternative medicine is not a good combination for most patients because the condition is serious and the drug is still “alternative”. Any positive effect associated with alternative medicine is likely to be a placebo effect when the idea of ​​receiving any type of treatment improves the condition.


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