Herbal medicine – for whom and how to do it?

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Herbal medicine is the general name for therapies carried out with the use of various types of herbs. It is also a method that can be used alone at home, which can, however, be fatal – some herbs have a strong effect that causes undesirable effects in excess and may endanger health. For this reason, taking any herbs should be consulted with a doctor and be well acquainted with the effects of individual plants as well as possible side effects.

When deciding to treat with herbs, you need to be aware that herbalism is a variety of natural medicine, which, however, uses ingredients with a sometimes very strong effect. Herbal medicine returns to favor with the fashion for organic food and is liked in many environments, many famous people and institutions admit to it. You often hear about the herbal medicine of the Bonifraters, which is based on their long experience and tradition in this field.

Herbal medicine – what do you need to know?

It is true that in order to prepare a healing herbal infusion, it is not always necessary to rush to the herbalist’s shop for the necessary ingredients. Living in the suburbs or in the countryside, you can find many specimens of herbs on your daily walk. However, it is worth making sure that they come from an area not sprayed with chemicals and do not pick herbs near busy roads, where cars often move.

Many herbs have a comprehensive effect, i.e. have a beneficial effect on the entire body, while others alleviate specific ailments. Some plants can have a really strong effect or adversely affect the body of certain people, e.g. due to selected diseases, allergies or food intolerances.


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