Drug overdose

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Drug overdose is also common. This is a known case of a man who died after taking paracetamol, a hepatotoxic medicine, on a daily basis.

People take medication either because they don’t know how to give it and they don’t read the leaflets, or because they have certain problems and they want to commit suicide.

“We must say that these drugs and alcohol in overdose do not solve problems, do not give an answer, but only make us forget the question”

Pills can do more harm than good if you do not take them properly. Here’s why you should consider it!

When you use a drug treatment, break the tablet in half, swallow instead of chewing, or take cough syrup with a spoon instead of a measuring spoon? Experts warn that these habits delay recovery.

Medicines that should be chewed or dissolved in water should not be swallowed. Chewable tablets are designed to neutralize stomach acids and do this best when they break down during chewing. Furthermore, water-soluble medicines impede their action when ingested in their entirety. Therefore, follow your medicine.


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