Do not mix chlorine with de-stoning agent

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Another category of patients who go to the emergency room are people who are intoxicated with veterinary products that they put on their skin. The substances for veterinary use are for animals only, at the concentrations indicated and in accordance with the protocol. They have a label with a drawing that shows that the product is toxic to humans.

They often use high concentrations of veterinary products. High concentrations of these substances have been used in children who have died after washing their heads with animal debridement. The scalp is intensely moisturized and allows for very rapid absorption of these substances, especially since we are talking about children who have a low body weight-explained the doctor.

In the case of children, special care should also be taken with household products so that they are not kept out of reach. In particular, stoning is very dangerous, causing burns comparable to those caused by caustic soda. This substance wreaked havoc, simply “piercing” the esophagus, but now it is less used.

Chlorine is the least toxic of all these household products, but in any case, toddlers should not have access under the sink if we store them there.

“In addition, we do not need to combine these household products. Many of our patients, as a result of these types of accidents, combined chlorine in the bath with de-stoning or other cleaning agents. After the chemical reaction, some toxic fumes were released, which were sucked in and caused burns to the upper airways, and patients arrived at the hospital with breathing problems and were hospitalized for several days to remove this inflammation of the airways. The rule is that one cleaning agent does not mix with the other ”

Drug carriers with hundreds of packages in the gastrointestinal tract

About drugs I had some interesting stories with those who wear them. They swallow some packages and come straight to us from the heat because they’re caught. If these packages had been broken up and not in the hospital, death would have been instantaneous, the amount released is enormous, and then there would have been acute heroin poisoning that would have led to respiratory arrest.

But they were often imported because they were found at border crossings. It is very impressive to see on radiography or tomography of the abdominal cavity, as in the gastrointestinal tract there are dozens and hundreds of small packages. With such substances, hundreds of “balls” are swallowed, the stomach is full, and then they are eliminated and recovered with the help of mild laxatives.

The stomach tolerates something like this, because it swallows them in a few hours, not very big, because they have to leave and it lasts, especially since they come from non-European areas, Brazil, etc., from areas where such substances are produced. I swallow the balls in a few hours, I go out and in two, three days I eliminate them. Only a lot of them went to the hospital because they were found. “I recovered these heroin balls, they were handed over to the police and the relevant persons escaped without a problem.


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