Tales of horror from the watchtower. Doctor

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Tales of horror from the watchtower. Doctor: people who buy chainsaws or circular saws should be somehow trained

How does he look from the watchhouse? Who are they and what do the needy look like? They are often victims of a series of accidents that they themselves cause. There are people who come because they cut off one limb, and after a while they come back with the other one cut off. If it were not for the suffering, it looks like almost tragic-comic Romania, which emergency doctors see every day.

“It often happens that people come who cut off their hands, fingers, etc. It happened several times in the same war. People who came with their fingers in the ice to exaggerate. Colleagues in plastic surgery performed a 12-hour transplant of amputated fingers. But, surprisingly, some come back. I had the misfortune to meet in two guards, a few months apart, the same person who initially cut his left arm, and then his right circular arm, “said in digi24 Dr. Radu Țincu, doctor of the intensive care unit at the hospital”Floreasca”.

“What seems incomprehensible to me is that such an event, so traumatic-cutting off your fingers from your hand-would force you to think about when you put your hand on this wheel again, so as not to get there again,” commented the doctor.

Drunk but willing to use the circular

He says that such accidents happen because people do not know how to use potentially dangerous devices and often do it against the background of alcohol consumption. The doctor believes that certain legal regulations would be needed.

“I think this is a big problem, if we sum up, statistically there are a lot of them,” says the doctor.

“Dredger or circular saws that people buy at home (often are to blame for accidents – no.). I think that something needs to be changed in the regulations, these people need to be trained when they buy them, because almost every day there were even more cases on the same day when people manipulated such devices at home, cutting out different parts. the body. Because they either don’t know how to use these devices, or they don’t use protective equipment, or they use these devices to cut certain objects that are too hard, and then these devices break down, and the metal pieces pop out of them and end up hurting them. Or, not infrequently, many of those who go to the hospital after such incidents, consume alcoholic beverages, and then decide to operate these devices,

“These circulars-I also learned from those who cut them-must be very well attached to the surface so that they do not slip. A lot of people got hurt because they ran into these roundabouts and ran into them. There are many aspects, ” said the doctor. “I am absolutely sure that none of them opened the technical book to read it, everything went through making and learning, cutting off a finger or two and learning the work. Sure, they are nervous at the moment because of the accident, many of them say that they will not repeat the mistake, but I told you that those who use the equipment at home often have different kinds of scars on different parts of the body, which proves that such accidents are frequent”, shows Radu Țincu.

He wanted to cut concrete with a chainsaw.

He therefore believes that the authorities must somehow improve the legislation, so that those who buy such devices, which they use at home, were instructed, perhaps from the store, what are the dangers and how to deal with them properly.

Dr. Radu țincu said that a few years ago he had a patient who wanted to cut a concrete pillar with a chainsaw, not knowing that the saw was only used for wood. As soon as it reached the concrete iron, the saw bounced and drove into the man’s leg. He came to the hospital with chain saw teeth in his muscles.


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