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Why we should not give up bread if we want to lose weight, but we must pay attention to oil. Doctor’s explanation. Bread should not be taken out of the diet, even if we want to lose weight, because it is the main source of satiety. Instead, olive oil, even if it is healthy, has a high calorie intake, says a diabetologist.

“It seems to me a big problem when people give up bread. If we choose it in its entirety, Graham, with rye, with seeds, bread is, from my point of view, the best source of satiety. If we improve it with fiber and choose bread from high-quality flour, then from my point of view it should remain on the table of each of us, ” said ENE.

He adds that we can eat bread for all meals.

“And in the morning at lunch you can eat two slices, and in the evening with a slice of bread usually get a very appropriate and friendly satiety and figure,” – said the doctor.

She talked about the Mediterranean diet, considered the healthiest in the world, in which you eat, for example, bread with tomatoes and olive oil.

“This is the problem, because not everything that is healthy, is also friendly to our figure. In the Mediterranean diet there are two healthy foods that cause the most fat. One of them is oil, because a tablespoon of oil costs us about 100 calories. This is very much out of the budget that, for example, for a woman would be 1200-1400 calories to lose weight.

If you accidentally skip two tablespoons of oil with each main meal, you can accumulate 300-400 calories, which you may not be able to spend. And a person who uses the Mediterranean diet, not caring about the amount of oil consumed, will not lose weight, ” she said.


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