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I wonder what the day might look like? How many hours do you need to be in school and how much do you need to study at home?

The days look very different depending on the direction you are studying. Since these are full-time studios, you can expect to spend about eight hours a day. However, most courses require less time. Often about three days a week you are at school and you have a lecture or seminar. You usually start at 9: 00 at the earliest and finish at 4: 00 at the latest, but of course there are exceptions.

Often you are only at school half the day, in the morning or in the afternoon, and the rest of the day you have time to study on your own. When you have an internship, it’s four days a week, and then you have to be there all day. Often it is between 07-15 or 14-21: 30. In these periods, of course, it is difficult to work more. When you have a regular school, I’m sure you can work a little more. However, it is difficult to determine exactly how much each person needs a different amount of time to study at home. I currently work every other weekend and a few evenings a week and I think it works well.

I wonder if it’s hard to study to be a nurse? Is learning on your own difficult? Would it be better if you worked as a nurse’s aide for a few years before applying to SSK? Do you benefit from your experience if you have worked in a school with children?

Courses in education are very diverse and certainly there are courses quite difficult. However, this is not impossible and you always have a few chances to retake the exam if you fail it. I like self-education on the days when we have it, but it takes a little extra discipline to do what you have to do. I often study with others in the classroom these days where we learn on our own and then you can always learn from each other.

There are a lot of people in my class who have worked as a nursing assistant before, and I absolutely believe that they have an advantage in some stages of education. I think, for example, that some internships are a little easier and that some courses are easier, but I wouldn’t say that you had to work as a nursing assistant before. You do well, even if you haven’t, because education is adjusted based on the fact that you have no prior experience.

When applying for a job as a nurse, I really believe that you can benefit from previous work experience. If you have worked with children before, this is probably especially beneficial if you are looking for a job in pediatric care.


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