What is the work of a nurse?

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What do you think is best about the show, and what could be better?

By far the best thing about the program is that we have so much practice. I also like the variety of courses that we read and the fact that you acquire a very broad knowledge. As for what could have been better, I would like us to be divided into smaller classes or groups that we have throughout our education. I think that discussions and things like that would be better then, and that people who don’t like speaking in front of people could become more open. It’s a pretty big class, and it’s hard to know.

Do you have to read all the books from the literature lists? If not, which pages to read?

The truth is that you absolutely should not / must read all the books from board to board. You won’t even need all the books, but bibliographies are more of a support with hints about the books you can use to achieve your goals. Until now, during my education, I read very little in books, and instead focused on what the lectures are about. Often on their basis I write my own notes, which I then use to study for exams. Some booksWhat is the work of a nurse may be needed when writing home exams and using references.

How do you see the future with job offers and development opportunities?

When it comes to job opportunities, there is no problem finding a job, given the lack of nurses these days. There are also many different areas to work in which you will learn more during your training. There are also many opportunities for development, you can continue to train as a specialist nurse in many different areas, you can conduct research, work for pharmaceutical companies and not only. You can also always go up and get more responsibility or become the head of the department in which you work.


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