Teaching and learning environment

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Teaching combines traditional lectures with practical elements. You learn many project-based courses where you can solve tasks in groups according to the same methodology used in the industry.

On campus you are in one of the most important places in northern Europe in terms of technology and health-both in terms of research and care. It gives good opportunities to establish contacts with the business community and the health service already during studies.

College life is so much more than college. As a medical student, you belong to the engineering section. The sections are part of the polytechnic students ‘ union and are run by the students themselves. They exist to promote student social life, improve the quality of education and strengthen contact with the business community. In addition to the sections, there are also several different trade union associations dealing with sports, Spex, events, careers or various social special interests.

International opportunities

It offers many opportunities to study abroad. Completing part of your studies abroad is an opportunity to improve your CV, explore the world and make lifelong friends. Through education, you can go to exchange studies at one of the partner universities in another country. Popular destinations for students are Singapore, Spain and Germany. Exchange studies usually take place in the autumn semester of the third year of study. You can also do a diploma project in a European company or a field study in a developing country.

What do students think about education?

Read interviews and find out what education students think about their time. You can also ask questions of students from many different fields. Take the opportunity to ask all questions about, for example, the content of the course and student life or if you have questions about the work of an engineer.


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