Medical technology opportunities

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Knowledge of how technology works in interaction with the human body is crucial in different industries, and it all depends on knowledge and ideas for the development and improvement of technology. Medical technology is important to be able to cure diseases and save lives, but it is also needed in many other areas where humans and machines interact. For example, in the development of tools, home, work environment, transportation, clothing, mobile phones and other electronic equipment.


The program provides practical and theoretical knowledge in the field of technology in combination with anatomy, physiology and medical technology. You can also choose to study advanced courses in mathematics and physics to qualify for further studies at the master’s level. In the form of a project, you can practice construction technology with an emphasis on both technical, medical, economic and social aspects.

The third year ends with a diploma project, which can be carried out in a company, a hospital or in a research group at a university.

University engineering programmes provide a good basis for lifelong learning. This means that you get the opportunity to continue learning even after graduation, to be able to solve all sorts of problems. You get a good basis for further personal development, to be able to keep up with the rapid technological development and the labor market of the future.


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