Work and future

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Studies prepare you to become an engineer who can be a liaison between industry, doctors and health professionals. You can work in a hospital or in a medical equipment company-for example, a product specialist, a project manager, or a product developer.

You also have the opportunity to cooperate with doctors with technology and care equipment. As a university engineer in the field of medical technology, you have good career prospects and become an important source of more efficient healthcare, both in Sweden and abroad.

Medical technology for a sustainable world

Education teaches the understanding and development of solutions for several global sustainable development goals, in particular the goals of health and well-being, sustainable consumption and production, and peaceful and inclusive societies . You will learn how the human body functions under normal and disease conditions and what techniques are available to prevent, diagnose and treat various diseases. You also read courses that deal with the economic and social aspects of technology, as well as ethical issues related to technology and healthcare.

Sustainable development is important in all education and is integrated into the curriculum, both in design courses and diploma projects. You will gain up-to-date knowledge of the tools and methods that society needs to move in a more sustainable direction.


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