CAMbrella’s Final Conference 29th November 2012

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CAMbrella’s Final Conference
29th November 2012

CAMbrella’s Final Conference 29th November 2012

Specializations Program
care and nursing does not have a specialization, but gives you the opportunity to profiling, see what courses are offered as part of the specialization program in each secondary school of the second level that offers the program .

Problem solving and cooperation
Health and care aims to preserve or restore people’s health and help develop their resources. This requires a holistic view of the individual and an understanding of the importance of lifestyle for health. During the training, you will learn to approach people in a professional way, communicate with respect for the integrity of the individual and give people the opportunity to participate and influence.

The profession requires an understanding of the different needs and conditions of people. Creativity, initiative and quality awareness are important to develop care and to come up with new ways of helping and supporting people in different situations. During the training, you have the opportunity to work on solving problems related to various caring situations and practice creative thinking. The whole program or parts of it can also be read as a trainee .


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