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Clue! Watch a video made by the health and care administration in Helsingborg to attract young people to health and care professions. This is a music video made together with a humorous group.

This program is suitable for those who are interested in people’s health and want to learn more about working in healthcare. You will learn basic knowledge necessary to work in healthcare, care for the elderly, psychiatry, as care and nursing staff and with people with disabilities.

In the care and nursing program, you learn how to treat and care for people in a professional way, as well as about the technical systems used in healthcare.

The care and nursing programme does not have a specialisation, but it is possible to profile through the choice of programme areas of specialisation . Here you can, among other things, choose courses that lead to qualification for studies, both basic and in some cases special, without the need to expand the secondary school program.

For basic university study qualifications, choose English 6 and Swedish / Swedish as the other 3 languages within the program specialization. These two courses together add up to 200 points. In the care and care program, you choose 500 credit courses within the specialization of the program.

The programme includes on-the-job training lasting 15 weeks, during which you have the opportunity to practice in one or more care facilities. You can then test the profession and establish valuable contacts with different employers.

What are you learning?

You learn about nursing, nursing and care, as well as health, ill health and disability. You will learn the basics of medicine, pedagogy, sociology, psychology and caring sciences. You learn about people of all ages from the biological, psychological, social, cultural and existential aspects of health, ill health and disability.

You will also learn to identify, analyse and take the initiative to solve problems in different care and nursing situations and to see the consequences of different alternatives. You will learn the laws and principles of the profession and will have the opportunity to discuss ethics and morality in the field of health and care. During education, you also read religious knowledge in order to better understand the needs of people and know how to respond to people from different cultural backgrounds.


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