CAM will be part of public hospital care in Paris

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CAM will be part of public hospital care in Paris

The Paris hospitals have adopted a strategic plan to include, evaluate and integrate CAM in their services. The audience at the CAMbrella final conference listened attentively to Dr. Catherine Viens-Bitker, who brought the news from France that the „Assistance Publique – Hospitaux de Paris (AP-HP) will include CAM services in their routine care programmes. Additionally AP-HP tries to better the knowledge about possible conributions CAM might have in treatment strategies: lack of clinical research is stated in a report from May 2012 that lays the ground for the strategic plan and gives detailled implementation recommendations for CAM in a public hospital environment.

Dr. Catherine Viens-Bitker was in charge of the report and is now heading the implementation process. „We have been looking into the situation quite thoroughly“, Dr. Viens-Bitker told the audience in Brussels on November 29, 2012. While many patients, especially those with chronic conditions use CAM in private ppractices in the city, the hospitals have no structered knowledge about the possible benefits of these treatments. And while many health professionals have included CAM practices in their personal professional portfolio, the public hospital system does not profit from this expertise. The plan is to develop CAM in the Parisian hospitals along four lines: best practices, research, TCM and occupational health.“

The „Assistance Publique – Hospitaux de Paris“ is the organisational body for the public hospitals of the City of Paris. It is the largest hospital sytem in Europe, about 90.000 health professionals work in it and receive about 4.5 million patients visits per year.


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