Medical courses

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Medicine. What do you know about the human body? The anatomy and functions of our bodies are incredibly fascinating areas to learn more about!

In medicine 1, you receive important knowledge about this topic, as well as about common diseases that the body can suffer from, methods of treatment, pharmacology, efforts in case of accident and fire. The course provides a very valuable foundation in the field of medicine.

Medicine 1
The school is here for those who want to study municipal adult education remotely. Here you can study distance courses full-time or part-time with the right to student aid. When you start distance learning at an Nti school, you get a personal tutor who you can contact by email and Skype.

Medicine 2
Do you want to deepen your medical knowledge? In medicine 2 you have a chance! In the distance course, we continue the exciting journey into the depths of the human body and further immerse ourselves in medicine; anatomy, physiology, pharmacology, pathology and various methods of treatment are in the plan! Medicine 2 is an in-depth course for those who are particularly interested in medicine.


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