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Welcome to the clinical medicine course!

Clinical medicine, specialty medicine, is the longest course in the medical program and here you will receive extensive theoretical and practical training, which as a doctor you will use throughout your professional life.

The course includes specializations in internal diseases, integrated with infections, skin, including Venereology, clinical pharmacology, aging and general medicine, as well as professional development. It covers 32 weeks (=48 points) and lasts for semester 5 and semester 6 with a break for MVM (Medical Scientific methodology, 4.5 points) at the end of T5. After clinical medicine, semester 6 ends with the specialization course chosen by the student (svk, 7.5 points).

The course is divided into different blocks with alternating theory (TB = theoretical block) and clinical practical service (vfu = on-the-job education). You have four vfu blocks in three weeks, which is a total of 12 weeks of vfu. Two vfu periods in semester 5 and two in Semester 6. In these weeks you will be placed in various departments and clinics of internal diseases, as well as in the emergency department. You also receive one week of vfu in geriatrics and two in primary health care (one week in T5 and one in T6).

Semester 5 starts with a three-week theoretical block with lectures and seminars on cases for patients, as well as training in clinical skills. During this theory block, we have a mandatory start day together, focusing on the content during the vfu, and then we have the opportunity to discuss questions about your future professional role.


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