Dissemination and communication

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Dissemination and communication

Facilitating external and internal communication, and disseminating the outcome of CAMbrella is an essential task, to the project itself and to the EU commission. Thus, WP8 will be working across all the work packages during the entire project period, closely co-operating with the management.

The objectives are:

To foster communication between CAMbrella and its stakeholders, and to maintain good relationships with those

To establish, host and maintain a website as the common platform for CAMbrella

To identify CAM stakeholders and appropriate target audiences in Europe through which to disseminate information generated by the project

To plan and organise the final CAMbrella conference. The proceedings of the conference will be published in an open access journal and on the website.

To facilitate internal communication in CAMbrella, between the work packages as well as between the management and the CAMbrella consortium

WP8 will act as the connecting / networking organisation within CAMbrella from the start of the project AND at the same time develop and manage the tools for sustainable dissemination during and after the project’s completion. We will support dialogue with relevant stakeholders and between other CAMbrella work packages. The preparation and organisation of the final conference with contributions from WP1–7 will be the major goal of WP8; the establishment, translation and sustainable dissemination of the proceedings will also be a central task of WP8.

The work in WP8 will be finished by the end of the project, December 2012.


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