Public health and Clinical Medicine Research

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Diabetes, cardiovascular disease, and the health effects of air pollution and climate change are just some examples of research conducted at the Department of public health and clinical medicine.

About the institution

The Department of public health and clinical medicine was established about 10 years ago and consists of general medicine, medicine (including dermatology and Venereology, cardiology, pulmonology, rheumatology) and sustainable health.

The Department of public health and clinical medicine is the largest department of the Faculty of medicine. The wards are scattered all over the University Hospital and unfortunately there is no coherent ward headquarters.

The faculties of the faculty conduct undergraduate education in several programs, mainly in the medical program.

The research of the cathedral covers a very wide register. There are many research groups with their own profile areas, but there are many collaborative projects. In addition, there are a significant number of clinicians / researchers of different specialties from the NUS associated with each unit. The number of doctoral students is currently approx. 130, and the total number of permanent employees in the department is approx. 180. Work at the department is headed by the head of the department.


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