The benefits of natural medicine

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There has been a lot of debate about natural medicine recently. It has its supporters as well as staunch opponents. People using it as an argument give the centuries-old tradition of using it, its effectiveness and non-invasiveness for the body. Opponents argue that it contradicts scientific medicine and is therefore harmful. Let’s check.

Natural medicine has been known for centuries and has been used in all cultures known so far. From the very beginning of humanity, man has been looking for remedies for his ailments in the environment around him. If he found them, he passed the knowledge on from generation to generation. As a definition of natural medicine, we can assume: a set of non-invasive methods of treating humans only with natural methods.

It is also sometimes interchangeably called alternative, alternative, complementary or holistic medicine. We asked the Pharmateka pharmacy in Wrocław if it had natural remedies: We offer a very wide selection of homeopathic preparations and herbal remedies, which, unlike many pharmaceuticals, do not cause side effects.

This is one of the most important arguments of supporters of natural medicine. It helps without causing side effects. Anyway, the action of herbs is now very widely known and scientifically tested. Interestingly, it is estimated that at least 50% of modern drugs have their origin in the plant world. Herbs are also used to supplement the nutrients that are lacking in our diets.

It is also important that most herbs do not show such strong side effects as in the case of pharmacological agents. Another argument is a holistic approach to people. Natural medicine focuses on all dimensions of health – physical, mental and spiritual. While traditional medicine treats only a specific symptom that is manifesting itself, instead of looking deeper for the cause. In this way, we come to the crowning argument – natural medicine puts emphasis on disease prevention, unlike traditional medicine, which usually intervenes when the disease has appeared.


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