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Absorption of oral turmeric spray 2.8 times better use. It has been used since antiquity as a natural remedy in traditional Indian and Chinese medicine;Intensively used as a spice in Asia, the basic ingredient of curry spice;In Europe it was first used as a food coloring;1748 – Used for therapeutic purposes for the first time (Loeber CC. De turmeric officinarum. Diss Inaug Halae. 1748);1815 – Early scientific studies – researchers at Vogel and Pelletier at Harvard College (Vogel A, Pelletier J.

Chemical examination of turmeric roots. J. Farm. 1815; 1: 289–300);1937 – The first published article on the use of curcumin in the treatment of diseases (Oppenheimer A. turmeric (curcumin) in biliary diseases. Lancet. 1937). The study lasted more than 3 years and analyzed the evolution of patients with colectitis treated with sodium curcumin solution. Of the 67 patients included in the study, only one did not fully recover from subacute or chronic cholecystitis.

Since then, interest in curcumin has grown significantly, with more than 8,600 articles published so far.Anti-bacterial15 comments. I have been using curcumin for 1 year for my joints. I take 3 pills a day before meals. I can say that inflammation is weakened and mobility is increased. I hope you find the information useful.

Can you tell us which product you use? Artro Curcumon herbageticaThe spice is delicious. I have been consuming Indian food for a long time, but I did not know that it is absorbed only with pepper.Curcumin has been used in Ayurvedic medicine for thousands of years. It can be said that the longevity of this miraculous cure is a guarantee of effectiveness. Very good article, scientifically documented.

Congratulations to Petrut B. TeleormanThe doctor recommended a combination of “Artro Curcumin + Articular Stem + Calcium-Magnesium 500/250”. Joint pain has already improved by the second week of use. I give them one pill every 3 times a day. You can try. The products are from Vitaking and Herbagetika.

The doctor recommended me to drink turmeric tea (turmeric) to which I added a pinch of ground black pepper. What is the use of spending so much money on pills when I can find them in powder form on the market? I declare that I already feel much better after about a month. Good luck to all!Prostate curcumin + prostate stem. I also take pumpkin seeds. It helps.


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