Quality in healthcare

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High-quality health care is one in which medical, human, infrastructure and financial resources are organized as efficiently as possible. This means activities aimed at meeting the needs of the society in the field of prevention, health promotion, diagnosis, treatment and rehabilitation, and the certainty that this care meets the requirements of safety, effectiveness and efficiency.

Quality issues in healthcare in Poland are included, among others, in laws, ordinances and ordinances. Depending on the issue, these will include in particular: regulations on medical activities (including detailed requirements to be met by the premises and equipment of the entity performing medical activities), on health care services financed from public funds (including guaranteed benefits), , foodstuffs for particular nutritional uses and medical devices, and the State Medical Rescue.

The quality of healthcare services provided includes in particular:

standards for housing conditions (building), i.e. the minimum standards that must be met by a room in order to provide certain services in a specific scope,
standards of equipment in medical equipment and apparatus in connection with the type of services provided

– these are the requirements applicable to entities applying for a contract for the provision of healthcare services with the National Health Fund and required for the provision of guaranteed services,medical personnel standards relating to minimum personnel qualifications and employment standards.


The issue of quality in health care is regulated by the provisions of the act on accreditation in health care, which entered into force on June 5, 2009. It defines the principles and procedure for granting accreditation, which is to confirm whether the entity providing health services meets the standards for the proper provision of health care and the functioning of this subject.

The accreditation review concerns the entity as a whole – the full spectrum of its activities is assessed. In the case of a hospital, both the clinical aspects of its operation, as well as management and administration are verified. In Poland, accreditation standards are voluntary. It is up to the service provider to decide whether it will meet the accreditation requirements. The Minister of Health grants accreditation for 3 years, based on the recommendation of the Accreditation Council.

Healthcare Quality Monitoring Center

Accreditation standards are developed by the Healthcare Quality Monitoring Center (accreditation center). The prepared document is approved by the minister of health and issued in the form of an announcement. So far, accreditation standards have been developed for the operation of the hospital and primary health care. Work is currently underway on accreditation standards for addiction treatment and outpatient specialist care.

  • The Healthcare Quality Monitoring Center is a unit subordinate to the Minister of Health. It monitors the quality of health services and operates in the form of a state budget unit.
  • Read more about quality in health care on the website of the Center for Quality Monitoring in Health Care.


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