Healthcare Objectives

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The Act specifies:

  • the scope and objectives of healthcare for students;
  • student health care providers;
  • entities providing organizational conditions for healthcare over students;
  • organization of healthcare for students and the tasks of the entities referred to in points 2 and 3;principles of integrating health care for students;
  • organization of care for chronically ill or disabled students at school;
  • monitoring health care for students;
  • financing tasks in the field of healthcare for students;
    documenting and reporting on the implementation of tasks in the field of healthcare over students.

The Act does not apply to:students of adult schools,branch schools of the second degreepost-secondary schoolsand to students of art schools providing only artistic education.Healthcare coverage:

Healthcare for students is provided at school and includes:

preventive health care, it is provided to students up to the age of 19, and in the case of students with a certificate of need for special education – until graduation from post-primary school.

  • health promotion
  • dental care is provided to students up to the age of 19.

Healthcare Objectives:

Healthcare for students aims to:protecting students’ health, including oral health;
shaping students’ pro-health attitudes and responsibility for their own health.

These goals are achieved through:activities to maintain health and prevent the emergence or development of diseases,early detection of health problems and risk factorshealth education and health promotion, including physical activity, sport and proper nutrition;providing first aid within the meaning of the Act on State Medical Rescue.

In the field of health education and health promotion, a dental hygienist may also participate in providing dental care to students.

The nurse of the teaching and upbringing environment or the school hygienist provide preventive health care for students in a health prophylaxis office located at the school, and in the absence of a health prevention office at school, in a place specified in the contract for the provision of healthcare services.

The body running the school, on the basis of an agreement, provides the nurses with the teaching and upbringing environment free of charge or the school hygienist with the preventive health care unit at school.

The dentist carries out dental care over students in the place specified in the contract for the provision of healthcare services. This place is a dentist’s office located in the school, a dentist’s office outside the school or a dentbus run by a medical entity cooperating with the school. In the absence of a dentist’s office at school, the school authority concludes an agreement with the entity performing medical activities providing health services in the field of dental treatment for children and adolescents financed from public funds, which specifies the manner of organizing the provision of services.

Qualifications and requirements for the above-mentioned entities have been precisely defined by the provisions of the UOZ.

Entities obliged to ensure conditions for the provision of healthcare
The Act stipulates that the entities providing conditions for the provision of healthcare are designated by the entities to do so:

  • school director
  • authority running the school.

Therefore, we observe that there is a clear separation of competences that will be vested in the school head and the governing body as entities obliged to ensure conditions for the provision of health care to students.


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