CAM exchange in Florence

CAMbrella was discussed at the 5th European Congress for Integrative Medicine

After being held for several years in Berlin, for the first time the 5th European Congress for Integrative Medicine took place outside of Germany. Nearly 1,000 participants met in Florence (Italy) on September 21–22 to present, listen and discuss the latest findings and experiences on integrative medicine. CAMbrella was among the more than 50 official partner organisations.

The aim of the Italian edition of ECIM was to promote the exchange between medical doctors and researchers, and to facilitate dialogue and debate regarding experience with integration of complementary/unconventional medicines in the National Health Services at the European and international level.

CAMbrella was made visible by a poster including a call to visit the project’s final conference on November 29 in Brussels, and during lunch and coffee breaks the project was discussed by the participants and members of CAMbrella, including the coordinator.

In connection with the congress, the European chapter of ISCMR (International Society for Complementary Medicine Research) held a meeting, and here the attendees were informed by the CAMbrella coordinator about the current status, the scientific papers being in press and the upcoming final conference.

According to the organizers, the target group for the event consists of physicians, researchers, sponsors and healthcare and wellness professionals, and the focus of the congress is “the efficacy of complementary / unconventional medicines and practices and their integration with orthodox medicine”.

Although claimed by the congress organizers to be the main European and international event of this kind, a majority of the participants came from different regions of Italy. Together with the lack of a common congress language this did not facilitate the communication on a European level. The congress venue and the terrific city of Florence (congress opening in Palazzo Vecchio) however contributed to the event being a great experience.

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Text: Wolfgang Weidenhammer and Jesper Odde Madsen