How to get in contact with a stakeholder you do not know?

Stakeholders in the context of our project are people or institutions who have interests towards CAM; for instance national or international patients’ organisations, who represent the views and demands of their members for or against CAM methods to be included in their portfolio; or academic institutions, who are possibly for or against CAM as a medical field, a term for a different medical approach; or doctors’ and practitioners’ boards, who have pro or contra views on CAM, governmental departments, pharmaceutical industry organizations and so on ….

CAMbrella is very interested in coming to know all the relevant stakeholders for CAM in Europe, especially when it comes to questions of the future research agenda. There are working groups explicitly looking out to identify possible stakeholders in Europe – and another working group has the global view as its target and is keen on information about stakeholders from outside Europe, like India, or China, Australia and Africa.

If you feel you belong to a relevant stakeholder group that has an opinion about CAM – or if you know of such an organisation / board / institution – please fill in the form and send it to us – see below for details. CAMbrella will approach the institution(s) you have named with the specific questions the working group wants to put for its task.

We are especially interested in stakeholders from countries in Europe that are not part of the Consortium: Belgium, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Cyprus, Estonia, Finland, Greece, Ireland, Latvia, Lithuania, Luxembourg, Malta, The Netherlands, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Slovenia.

Thank you very much for your time and support!

Wolfgang Weidenhammer, coordinator
Bettina Reiter, public relations