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The most important links in the health care system in Poland are medical practices, nurses and midwives, clinics and hospitals. We can go to some of them without a referral, for others we need such a document

Find out how healthcare is organized in Poland.

The first level, that is, primary health care
Primary Healthcare (POZ) is primarily your GP. It is him that you first report to in case of illness, for periodic check-ups and vaccinations

You will receive help at an outpatient clinic, and in medically justified cases also at home (also at a nursing home). If your illness prevents you from reaching the health care clinic, you can order a home visit by a doctor, nurse or midwife.

POZ also includes preventive care for children and youth, which is provided by a nurse / hygienist at school or kindergarten.

As part of the POZ, you choose:

  • doctor
  • a nurse
  • midwife.

You make your choice by submitting a written declaration at the clinic of your choice. You can do it via the Patient Online Account.

POZ is available on weekdays from Monday to Friday from 8.00 to 18.00, excluding public holidays, except for:

benefits of preventive care for children and youth in the teaching and upbringing environmentnight and holiday health care benefits in POZ.If you come to the clinic, you should get an appointment on the day you report it. If it is impossible – within the time agreed with you.

During a pandemic, primary health care services are available primarily in the form of telepaths.

Find out more about the activities of PHC during a pandemic

It is best if the whole family uses the same practice or health care clinic – thanks to this, the specialists working there will have more information about the whole family, which in the case of some diseases facilitates treatment and diagnosis.


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